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San Sebastiano Celebration in Acireale

San Sebastian was born in Narbona, in France. It was a roman leggionnaire under Diocleziano and Massimiliano, with a secret christian faith. When his faith was discovered he was condemned many times but he always survided to the many attempts of killing him.

The city of Acireale is particularlty devoted to the Saint and every 20th of January Acireale celebrates the beloved patron. From very early in the morning Saint Sebastien Cathedral is crowded with religious waiting for the opening of the Chapel where the Saint is kept during the year. The Saint suddenly appears at 11 am, whe it is spectaculalry carried and launched at the centre of the square. The Saint is then walked around the city with various runs in serveral specific points, as Marconi Square at 3 pm, Roma Square, Umberto street up to the Bishop house at around 9 pm. 
The return to the Cathedral is very suggestive with a last run at around midnight.




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